dual purpose

  • Silage CRM 78
  • Grain CRM 88

Harvest Date

Region 1 - Very Early
Region 2 - Early
Region 3 - Early
Region 4 - Mid
  • Very early maturing dual purpose hybrid
  • High silage yield with reliable grain content for this maturity
  • Excellent test weight grain suitable for food grade markets

Hybrid Traits

Early Growth 5
Drought Tolerance 4
Staygreen 4
Whole Plant Digestibility 5
Total Energy 4
Stalk Strength 4
Root Strength 5
Rust Tolerance 4
Northern Leaf Blight 4
Grain Drydown 3

Delitop is a very early dual purpose hybrid for silage or a later planting option throughout the country. For grain, Delitop is accepted for food grade production in northern regions.

Excellent early growth, with very good drought tolerance and resistance to Northern Leaf Blight for this maturity.

Delitop has respectable yield performance for both silage and grain and produces high energy silage with excellent whole plant digestibility.

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