PAC 040

dual purpose

Corson Maize Shield with the hybrid PAC 040 written on it
  • Silage CRM 80
  • Grain CRM 94

Harvest Date

Region 1 - Very Early
Region 2 - Early
Region 3 - Early
Region 4 - Mid
  • A quick silage hybrid for cool and warm climates 
  • Tall plant with good bulk 
  • Large girthy cobs and broad leaves
  • Excellent stalk strength and leaf integrity 


Hybrid Traits

Early Growth 4
Drought Tolerance 4
Staygreen 5
Whole Plant Digestibility ID
Total Energy ID
Stalk Strength 5
Root Strength 3
Rust Tolerance 4
Northern Leaf Blight 3
Grain Drydown 2

PAC 040 is a purpose bred animal nutrition variety that is perfectly adapted to the cooler environments prevalent in Canterbury and higher altitude/inland parts of the central North Island. It is also very adaptable and regularly outperforms other varieties in the 75 to 85 CRM maturity group in regions as far north as Waikato.

Tolerant of windy conditions, PAC 040 maintains healthy leaf area when the leaves of most other hybrids get shredded. 

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