PAC 230

dual purpose

PAC 230 logo
  • Silage CRM 96
  • Grain CRM 98

Harvest Date

Region 1 - Early
Region 2 - Mid
Region 3 - Late
• Leafy medium height plant with decent bulk
• Produces silage with high starch content
• Excellent drought tolerance with AriDapt™ technology

Hybrid Traits

Early Growth 3
Drought Tolerance 5
Staygreen 3
Whole Plant Digestibility ID
Total Energy ID
Stalk Strength 3
Root Strength 5
Rust Tolerance 3
Northern Leaf Blight 4
Grain Drydown 5
Over the last five seasons PAC 230 has proven itself to be a consistent, top end performer ranking highly in the majority of the silage and grain trials. A very high yield potential and excellent adaptability drives this hybrid’s superior performance. Ears are consistently large and well filled. Grain quality and drydown is excellent and grain content in the silage is exceptionally high. Well suited to earlage and alkagrain owing to its rapid drydown characteristics. Ensure timely harvest once grain reaches 20% moisture content.

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