PAC 249

dual purpose

PAC 249 Maize
  • Silage CRM 95
  • Grain CRM 97

Harvest Date

Region 1 - Early
Region 2 - Mid
Region 3 - Late
• Mid-season dual purpose hybrid for central regions
• Proven drought tolerance with AriDapt™ technology
• Performs well at lower planting rates

Hybrid Traits

Early Growth 3
Drought Tolerance 5
Staygreen 4
Whole Plant Digestibility ID
Total Energy ID
Stalk Strength 4
Root Strength 3
Rust Tolerance 4
Northern Leaf Blight 3
Grain Drydown 3

PAC 249 is a reliable top performing dual purpose hybrid that delivers optimal yields of silage and grain across a wide range of environments and soil types. It is a medium-tall hybrid with very good staygreen and plant bulk.

Cobs are large and well filled with good sized kernels producing silage rich in grain. PAC 249 performs particularly well on light soils, recognised as a hardy hybrid capable of outperforming hybrids in the 100-104 CRM maturity bracket.

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