PAC 432

dual purpose

PAC 432 maize
  • Silage CRM 105
  • Grain CRM 107

Harvest Date

Region 1 - Mid
Region 2 - Late
  • Tall but well balanced type 
  • Moderately leafy 
  • Large uniform ears typically 18 kernels around, with large kernels
  • Very good drought and stress tolerance
  • Excellent stalk strength and Northern Leaf Blight resistance
  • Excellent staygreen and late season plant health
  • Slow starter but strong finisher


Hybrid Traits

Early Growth 3
Drought Tolerance 4
Staygreen 5
Whole Plant Digestibility ID
Total Energy ID
Stalk Strength 5
Root Strength 3
Rust Tolerance 3
Northern Leaf Blight 5
Grain Drydown 3

A tall but well balanced plant with large consistent ears set at a low to medium height. Average early vigour provides a slow start but vigour increases during the vegetative period resulting in a very strong and robust plant. Kernel type is medium-soft (semi dent) and kernel size is above average. Very good drought/stress tolerance and excellent stalk strength, staygreen and plant integrity create a solid platform for both silage and grain growers. Trial results to date put this hybrid reliably among the top performers in this very competitive maturity group. 

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