PAC 564

dual purpose

PAC 564 maize
  • Silage CRM 113
  • Grain CRM 115

Harvest Date

Region 1 - Late
• Bulky, medium height plant
• Exceptionally high and stable yields
• Cob size and uniformity are excellent
• Thick stalks, strong roots and low ear placement
• Very good lodging resistance

Hybrid Traits

Early Growth 3
Drought Tolerance 4
Staygreen 5
Whole Plant Digestibility ID
Total Energy ID
Stalk Strength 4
Root Strength 4
Rust Tolerance 3
Northern Leaf Blight 4
Grain Drydown 2

A medium height plant with break-through yields. The last two seasons has seen PAC 564 yield a staggering 20% above the trial average, with a mean grain yield of 17.8 t/ha (@14%MC) and a maximum yield of 22.5 t/ha. At a nominal grain:silage yield conversion ratio of 2:3 this would equate to silage yields of approximately 27 t DM/ha (mean) and 34 t DM/ha (max) respectively. This is a unique medium, bulky hybrid in this ultra-full season bracket dominated by tall plants. As a result, PAC 564 has shown itself to be much more resilient, adaptable and resistant to lodging than all other hybrids tested in this bracket. It has very good drought tolerance and responds well to higher planting rates whilst still performing well at lower rates. 

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