Dual Purpose

Plenitude maize
  • Silage CRM 107
  • Grain CRM 107

Harvest Date

Region 1 - Mid
Region 2 - Late
  • Dual purpose hybrid with impressive stature and yield
  • Very good stalk and root strength
  • Medium-soft kernel texture with good husk cover

Hybrid Traits

Early Growth 4
Drought Tolerance 3
Staygreen 4
Whole Plant Digestibility 5
Total Energy 5
Stalk Strength 4
Root Strength 4
Rust Tolerance 4
Northern Leaf Blight 2
Grain Drydown 4

Plenitude is a dual purpose hybrid producing high yields of both grain and silage. The large leaves on this tall plant catch the eye and the medium-soft textured, deep kernels suit both silage and grain users. With a CRM of 107, it is ideally placed as a longer hybrid in the upper North Island and East Coast.

Plenitude has performed exceptionally in trials over several seasons in New Zealand and will find a fit with growers who require both quality and yield from a hybrid of this maturity. 

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