Maize silage

N23-K3 logo
  • Silage CRM 87

Harvest Date

Region 1 - Very Early
Region 2 - Early
Region 3 - Mid
Region 4 - Mid
  • Mid maturity silage hybrid for Canterbury, northern South Island, and lower North Island
  • Vigorous early growth
  • Well filled ears
  • Tall plant with high silage yields

Hybrid Traits

Early Growth 5
Drought Tolerance 4
Staygreen 4
Whole Plant Digestibility 4
Total Energy 5
Stalk Strength 4
Root Strength 4
Rust Tolerance 4
Northern Leaf Blight 4
Grain Drydown NA

N23-K3 is a hybrid from the Syngenta breeding programme, which will give growers in the South Island and lower North Island a great option for high yielding silage. With excellent early growth CORSON K3 will be particularly suited as a mid hybrid for the mid Canterbury region and as an early-mid maturity option for the upper South Island and lower North Island.

Very good tolerance to Northern Leaf Blight enables CORSON K3 to move into the northern North Island as an early maturity option. CORSON K3 is a tall plant that produces well filled ears giving this hybrid a high silage yield potential.

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