Corson Hybrid Traits

Further information on trait ratings

The following traits are rated for the respective Corson Maize Seed hybrids. The ratings provided are based on observations by Corson Maize Seed staff and are not comparable to any other companies' ratings. For some hybrids specific trait ratings are Not Applicable (NA), while for others there is Insufficient Data (ID) to present. 

1. Grain Protein

Relative grain crude protein levels.

2. Grain Hardiness

Based on the amount of energy required and/or the time taken to grind standard grain sample. Usually measured using a Stenvert Hardness tester.

3. Kernel Depth

Length of individual kernels from the crown to the tip cap. D = Deep; MD = Medium deep; M = Medium; S = Shallow

4. Kernel Texture: Endosperm texture

H = Hard; MH = Medium Hard; M = Medium; S = Shallow

5. Grain Drydown

Relative rate of moisture loss from grain following physiological maturity.

6. Test Weight

Based upon grain test weight (kg/hl) corrected to 14% kernel moisture content.

7. Protein

Rating of whole plant crude protein content. 

8. Forage Starch 

Rating of starch available from the forage. 

9. Whole Plant Digestibility

Based on digestibility of organic matter. This provides a relative indication of the energy potential of a forage. 

10. Total Energy

This takes into account estimated feed energy and yield to give relative rating for total energy harvested per hectare.

11. Disease Ratings

Please not that these ratings are not absolute. Environmental conditions play a critical role in disease development, which can, in turn, predispose plants to secondary diseases. If conditions are severe, even hybrids rated with excellent resistance can be adversely affected. Growers should balance yield potential, hybrid maturity and cultural practices (crop rotations, crop residue management etc.) against the anticipated risk of disease pressure. 

12. Husk Cover

Length of husk extending over the cob. L = Long; M = Medium; S = Short. 

13. Ear Flex

F = Flex (Indeterminate ear size) the hybrid has the ability to extend ear length and/or kernel rows when growing conditions allow; SF = Semi Flex ear type. 

14. Early Growth

Rating of early growth to the 5th collared leaf stage.

15. Relative Plant Height

T = Tall; MT = Medium tall; M = Medium; S = Small

16. Staygreen

A measure of late season plant health. A lower score means the plant stover dries down more rapidly as it approaches maturity. 

17. Comparable Relative Maturity (CRM)

Rating based on Growing Degree Units (GDU) to silage harvest and harvest moisture relative to other Corson Maize Seed maize hybrids. 


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