High yielding delivery in a tough season

Waikato based contractors Jackson Contracting Limited have had strong results from the Z71-f1

Waikato based contractors Jackson Contracting Limited (JCL) have had strong results from the Z71-F1 maize silage hybrid from Corson Maize Seed following a particularly tough season in terms of challenging weather in the Waikato.

In their first year growing Corson F1 Jeremy Rothery, General Manager for JCL stated that “because the weather had such an impact on harvest, the F1 crop gave them a much bigger window for harvest”  

Z71-F1 is a silage specific maize hybrid (particularly suited for the upper North Island region), with a CRM of 111 days. It is a full maturity hybrid developed in New Zealand by Corson Maize Seed and it is a very large plant with a high grain yield, excellent yield performance and a sound agronomic package.

Growing the crop for clients, Jeremy confirmed that they grew four different hybrids from four different suppliers and that out of those Corson F1 “held on so much better, enabling us to still be able to supply a decent product despite tough weather conditions.” What was interesting was that all the crops were planted at the same time and harvested at the same time, however it was only the Z71-F1 that came off with a reasonable moisture content, while all of the others were very dry. Their confidence in making this statement was supported by their use of a near-infrared sensor (NIR) which supplied highly accurate data.

As a business, JCL do grow their own maize as well as assisting farmers with their own crops – from planting and cultivation through to harvesting and they are often asked for their opinion on maize crops. Jeremy stated that for them “yield is king” and so like many other farmers they are always “looking for a high yielding hybrid, along with good cob size and cob to stover ratio and that Corson F1 delivered on this”. So much so, that they have already decided to sow 100% of their own block with the hybrid next season. It is through their own experience and the data built up from two years use of the NIR technology that allows JCL to qualify their opinions when asked for advice on maize hybrids.

“As a Tender Leafy hybrid, Z71-F1 has been bred specifically for silage, unlike almost all hybrids available in New Zealand” says Guy Mason, Corson Maize Seed Sales Manager. “A key element of a silage-specific hybrid is to dry-down slowly to give a long harvest window; this is exactly what Jackson Contracting are finding with the F1 hybrid. All dual-purpose hybrids are designed to lose plant moisture as rapidly as possible – this comes from their development within a grain maize breeding programme. It really is as simple as that.”


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