Weed identification

Effective weed control will play a large part in how successful a maize crop is in terms of both yield and quality. Poor weed control can result in competition for water and space, as well as robbing the maize plant of available nutrients. Weeds can also provide a source of infection for disease and an environment for pests to multiply and infest a crop. From a quality perspective, weeds can take away grain yield  and  add  low-quality forage into a silage  stack.

Weed identification should begin prior to planting, with cropping plan decisions being taken to include particular weed issues. Chemical resistance is being seen in some regions and there will be specific issues with differing locations and rotations that will require an individual approach to  weed control.

The first step is identifying the weed, and the pictures alongside illustrate some of the more common weeds found in maize paddocks. For specific methods of control, please discuss this in more detail with your Corson Maize Seed Sales Agronomist or retail representative.


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