Order your maize seed before 31 July 2021 to go into the draw to WIN 1 of 60 Experiences for Two, valued between $149 - $299!

With a Chuffed Gifts Experience For Two package, the choice is in your hands.

Recipients will receive a Chuffed Gift Tube containing a wide variety of exciting options from across New Zealand. You choose the destination and the experience that appeals the most to you.

When you’ve decided on your experience and location, Chuffed Gifts will issue you with an experience gift ticket. You are now ready for your amazing adventure! For more information about the gift experiences visit chuffedgifts.co.nz.

For more information download our 2021 Early Order Offer Flyer and Terms and Conditions below.

Supporting New Zealand tourism and encouraging farmers to get off-farm

Chuffed Gifts is a company founded during the nationwide lockdown, and their mission is to help regenerate NZ domestic tourism. Below is their story.

The impact of Covid-19 has challenged many industries in New Zealand. Businesses throughout the country have seen their revenue streams interrupted and reduced leaving no choice but to lay off employees or to close altogether. The tourism industry has been heavily affected. With the borders closed and international tourist arrivals halted, tourism operators around the country have had to find new methods, structures and product offerings to focus on attracting domestic tourists; and one such company is making a difference in this space.

Where it all started

Chuffed Gifts developed in early 2020 after James Fitzgerald, Co-Founder of the multi-award-winning Rotorua Canopy Tours, realised he had a problem. The borders were closed, business had dried up and the prospect of surviving on a market of only New Zealanders was the future. The question he asked himself was “How can we get more New Zealanders travelling into the regions and helping the recovery of our tourism sector?”.

The answer was obvious – what if people gifted travel experiences rather than material goods? And if the travel experiences had a multi choice aspect to them then the recipient could choose what and where inspired them the most. And the gift buyer could never fail to impress.

Rafting with River Rats Rotorua
Rafting with River Rats Rotorua

Zorb Rotorua

Such a vision required help

Two incredibly talented but Covid-19 displaced tourism marketing staff jumped at the chance to be part of this unique gift concept.

Alex Howard hired a motorhome and travelled across the North Island in winter 2020 pulling partners in to the vision, while Melissa Heath tirelessly worked to create the online and visual presence of Chuffed Gifts.

By November last year, after reimagining every aspect of the experience gift giving process for both buyer and recipient, and with a network of some of the most beautiful, adventurous and life changing experiences, they put the word out.

The results were instant. People loved the concept, filled their inboxes with ideas and most helpful of all, bought Chuffed Gifts as gifts. 2021 brings new exciting goals as Chuffed Gifts expands across New Zealand so that every Kiwi, no matter where they live, will find the company’s offerings relevant.

Corson Maize and Chuffed Gifts

Corson Maize reached out to Chuffed Gifts to deliver a unique offering as part of our 2021 Early Order Offer. We know how important tourism is to the NZ economy, and thought that by partnering with Chuffed Gifts we could not only help domestic tourism operators but also support the wellbeing of members of another crucial NZ industry, our farmers.

By providing Chuffed Gifts to Corson Maize growers, we are encouraging them to take a break from the farm, to spend time with a partner, friend or family member while experiencing something new.

Corson Maize has 60 Chuffed Gift Tubes to be won by those who order their maize seed early between May 1 and July 31. Winners will receive a gift tube containing a wide variety of exciting options from across NZ. This could be sailing in the Coromandel, ziplining on Waiheke Island or kayaking with seals in Kaikoura, to name a few.

You choose the destination and the experience that appeals the most to you. When you’ve decided on your experience and location, Chuffed Gifts will issue you with an experience gift ticket and you are ready for an amazing adventure!

Bike Tour with Around the Basin, Queenstown

For more information about Chuffed Gifts visit chuffedgifts.co.nz

How Chuffed Gifts Work

Chuffed Gifts works with a network of over 60 amazing experience partners throughout the New Zealand, to bring handcrafted experience gift packages. Watch this video to learn more.

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