It pays to order your Corson Maize seed early. 

It’s a great season to grow more maize. There are plenty of reasons to come on over and grow with us. Get in early and you’ll get a whole lot more!

This year’s Corson Maize Early Order Campaign (EOC) runs 1 May - 1 August 2022. In addition to the usual benefits of ordering early of deferred payment options, 100% replant cover and preferential hybrid choice, we are offering growers the opportunity to go in the draw to win one of 20 seed vouchers redeemable for up to $1,000 worth of seeds from the PGG Wrightson Seeds product range on any cultivar(s) of their choice.

For more information download our 2022 Early Order Offer Flyer and Terms and Conditions below.

Here's another great reason to come on over and grow with Corson Maize. 


Recently awarded 2022 Waikato Dairy Manager of the Year, Andrew ’theonceadayfarmer’ Macky has built up quite a following. With close to 14,000 subscribers and collectively over 2 million views on YouTube and Instagram worldwide, to garner a following like Andrew’s, passion is key. The passion for dairying he shares with his audience is the same passion he has for growing maize with Corson Maize.


"I've been growing with Corson Maize for the last 10 years

and I wouldn't think about changing." 

- Andrew Macky

Catering for dry days to come

With dry summers and pressures to tackle climate change and nitrogen leaching, maize could also offer farmers some solutions, Andrew Macky believes.

Andrew and Holly Macky manage a 96-hectare (ha) (effective) dairy platform just north of Te Awamutu. Andrew, better known as The Once A Day Farmer, is the fourth generation to work on the family farm. He works alongside his father, William Macky, milking 320 Jersey cows Once a Day.  In the 2021/22 season they produced 320 kilograms  (kg) of milksolids (MS) per cow. A driving factor behind their milk production is growing high-quality feed on farm, maize and chicory, for the milking herd. 


The Mackys have been farming their Waikato dairy property for around 110 years; Andrew is the fourth generation to work on the family farm. He milks 320 Jersey cows on 98 hectares (effective) through peak milk production and he runs them in two herds. Andrew is passionate about farming and enjoys sharing his knowledge on best farming practices on his YouTube channel, The Once A Day Farmer. With dry summers and pressures to tackle climate change and nitrogen leaching, he believes maize offers an effective solution to farmers. Andrew started growing Corson Maize hybrids around 10 years ago. He shared his on-farm story with us and discusses the system for growing maize on his dairy platform. 

Take a look at The Once A Day Farmer YouTube channel for more information on Andrew's dairy operation!

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