We asked farmers accross New Zealand what they were looking for in a maize seed provider. 

This is Mark & Courtney Harris' Story


Question: Tell us a bit about your operation.

Mark: We share milk two farms side by side; a total of 780 cows across the two; both run a System 3 system that’s inputting with 18 hectares of maize between the two.

Courtney: Maize fits in well into our system because you’re growing a large amount of drymatter off that area of land; more so than what you’re going to grow from just growing pasture alone. If you’re using that feed to feed your cows through other times of the season, it works well because it complements the diet so that while you’re feeding maize, you’re actually able to utilise the grass that you’re growing far better as well.

Question: What do you look for in a maize seed provider?

Mark: What we look for in a maize seed provider is someone that works alongside us to point us in the right direction of what to plant, and gives us good quality product.

Courtney: Things that stood out to me were just the amount of detail that they were looking at picking their variety; not just looking at how many kernels around the cob, but also looking at everything that makes up the cob – the size of each kernel, the depth…
Michelle’s only a phone call away; she’s often calling on the crops before/when we don’t even realise, she’s already been there. She’s identified what the crop needs at critical times, whereas you may be busy at that time of the year – spring – doing other things on farm.

In the end we’re a business; we’re trying to get the best return from the money we’re putting in, so Corson have been supportive of us; they’ve been there to guide us through the whole cropping process so that we can grow a good crop; maximise yields…it’s not all about the seed you’re putting in the ground; a lot of it is about the whole journey from paddock to stack and feeding out.

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