Seed Treatment

Corson Maize Seed is treated with leading seed treatment products Poncho® and Rancona® Dimension which play an important role in maximising plant establishment and crop yield. Poncho® and Rancona® provide highly targeted protection against the major insects and diseases that affect young maize crops.

With very small quantities of chemical active-ingredients applied to the soil per hectare, the environmental impact is significantly reduced through seed treatment. With pesticides pre-applied, seed treatment products are recognised for their ease of use on-farm and safety profile, provided the appropriate handling procedures are adopted.

  • Argentine Stem Weevil
  • Black Beetle
  • Greasy Cutworm

Poncho® contains the active ingredient clothianidin, providing a high level of protection against three major insect pests during crop establishment. Poncho® through its systemic mode of action and increased pest spectrum offers the best early plant protection currently available in the maize market.

 Poncho® Votivo Protects Against:

  • Argentine Stem Weevil
  • Black Beetle
  • Greasy Cutworm
  • Soil Nematodes

Poncho® Votivo is a new combination of Poncho insecticide which provides first class control of early crop pests, and Votivo (Bacillus firmus L - 1582) a world-leading biological seed treatment for improved plant health and nematode suppression. Poncho® Votivo is a new product available in limited quantities in 2017.

*Poncho® is a registered trademark of Bayer. Poncho® and Poncho® Votivo are registered to the ACVM Act 1997. Rancona is a registered trademark of MacDermid Agricultural Solutions Inc and is registered persuant to the ACVM Act 1997. Avipel is a registered trademark of Arkion Life Sciences LLC.
  • Head Smut
  • Seed borne and seedling rot diseases

(including Rhizoctonia, Pythium and Fusarium) Rancona® Dimension contains the active ingredients ipconazole and metalaxyl for the control or suppression of seed and soil borne diseases during crop establishment. Ipconazole has both systemic and contact modes of ction giving protectant and curative control and is much softer on seed and coleoptiles than most other compounds from the triazole chemical group. Metalaxyl provides systemic control of Pythium. In maize, trials have shown superior efficacy against head smut and improved seedling emergence.

Avipel® Bird Repellant 

Avipel® bird repellent is a new product which is available exclusively from Corson Maize Seed, treated on demand. Avipel® contains a naturally occurring organic substance. When birds eat seeds treated with Avipel® they experience an unpleasant but harmless gut reaction which they associate with the location. Birds quickly learn to avoid treated seeds and forage for other food sources.

Growing an excellent maize crop requires good planning and following best practice processes, however sometimes failures may occur.

At Corson Maize Seed we will share some of the cost of a failed crop. We will supply replacement Corson Maize Seed at half price if within two months of planting the crop fails and needs to be re-planted. 

This policy allows growers who have had a crop, sourced from any maize seed company, fail within two months of planting to purchase Corson maize seed at half price to re-sow the failed crop. This does not cover So-green or other greenfeed maize products and does not cover the cost of the seed treatment.

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