PAC 343


  • Silage CRM 105
  • Grain CRM 104

Harvest Date

Region 1 - Mid
Region 2 - Late
  • Attractive medium-tall plant
  • Reliable high yields of medium textured grain
  • Well balanced canopy with thick stalks
  • Large kernels and excellent grain quality
  • Very good staygreen, drought tolerance and standability
  • Finishes strongly owing to its very good stress tolerance and late season plant health

Hybrid Traits

Early Growth
Drought Tolerance
Whole Plant Digestibility ID
Total Energy ID
Stalk Strength
Root Strength
Rust Tolerance
Northern Leaf Blight
Grain Drydown

PAC 343 has a strong agronomic package and has proven itself to be a resilient top end performer over the last four seasons ranking equally well in high and low yielding environments for both silage and grain. Ears are of a good consistent size and tightly packed with starchy light-coloured grain. Drought and general stress tolerance is very good. In stressed situations, plant size may be reduced but grain yield will be much less affected providing good silage yields with a very high grain content. A top performer in light and heavy soils and seems to be quite tolerant of wet feet. This is a reliable hybrid that promises to deliver excellent results for silage and grain growers.

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