PAC 285

PAC 285
  • Silage CRM 96
  • Grain CRM 96

Harvest Date

Region 1 - Early
Region 2 - Mid
Region 3 - Late
  • Strong performance as an early maturity dual purpose hybrid
  • Very tall plant producing high grain content silage
  • Excellent silage and grain yields

Hybrid Traits

Early Growth
Drought Tolerance
Whole Plant Digestibility
Total Energy
Stalk Strength
Root Strength
Rust Tolerance
Northern Leaf Blight
Grain Drydown

Distinct with a very tall bulky plant and large, well filled ears, PAC 285 (previously known as C29-A1) retains its plant health late into the season to maximise its huge silage and grain yield potential.

While primarily targeted at the silage market, PAC 285 does not compromise on grain yield and will deliver high yields of large, softer textured grain. PAC 285 will perform best on medium to heavy soil types and in other situations where there is adequate fertility and soil moisture to complete the growing cycle.

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