Our Premier Sweetcorn Hybrids carry the name tendersweetTM

TENDERSWEET™ hybrids are the new generation of sweetcorn which combine the qualities of several different sweetcorn genetic sources. TENDERSWEET™ hybrids typically are short to medium stature plants with good root and stalk strength that produce attractively packaged cobs with excellent tip fill. TENDERSWEET™ kernels are very tender and have exceptional sweetness and taste. TENDERSWEET™ hybrids also have the added advantage of their extended harvest window, allowing corn to be picked from the same planting for up to 10 days. The following sweetcorn hybrids have been selected by Corson Maize Seed agronomists in conjunction with our trial growers. They represent a marked improvement over our previous standard supersweet hybrids in eating quality, plant and cob characteristics.



Early TenderTM

TendersweetTM Bicolour - CRM70

  • The perfect corn to start off your new  season plantings
  • Early maturity from early planting means early to market
  • Strong emergence and vigorous seedling  growth  for  early season planting
  • Moderate tolerance to Common Rust
  • Green medium length, tight husk make for an attractive package
  • Well filled ears typically 21 cm in length with 14-16 rows
  • Good Tendersweet eating quality
  • Can hold well in the field for an extended  harvest window


TendersweetTM Bicolour - CRM74

  • A  mid-season bicolour
  • Good emergence and vigorous early growth allow earlier plantings
  • A medium statured plant with few tillers producing very regular ears
  • Dark green, long husk accented with showy flag leaves provide an attractive package
  • Well filled girthy ears, typically 19 cm in length with 16-18  rows
  • Resistance to Common Rust (Rp1-G) makes this hybrid suitable for planting throughout the season
  • Very good Tendersweet eating quality and an extended harvest window

TendersweetTM Yellow - CRM76

  • Mid-season  yellow hybrid
  • Very good early vigour and a tall growthy plant provides good canopy cover to assist suppression  of weeds
  • Long firm husk cover provides excellent ear protection and showy flag leaves add to this attractive package
  • Well filled heavy ears, typically 21-22 cm in length with 16-18 rows
  • Resistance to Common Rust (Rp1-G) makes this hybrid suitable for planting throughout the season
  • Good eating quality with tender pericarp and sweet flavour as well as the typical Tendersweet extended  harvest window

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