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The Corson Maize Seed & Pgg Wrightson Seeds Story

The Corson Maize Seed business was aquired by PGG Wrightson Seeds in 2010. Under new ownership Corson Maize Seed immediately began to build its product portfolio by utlising the global breeder relationships held by PGG Wrightson Seeds.

These relationships enable Corson Maize Seed to access a broad range of maize genetics for evaluation in the New Zealand and Australian markets. Our Product Development team understand grower needs and are always looking for improved field reliability and yield performance. Extensive multi-year trialing and evaluation programmes are used to fully assess new hybrids prior to market introduction.

PGG Wrightson Seeds can trace its history back to over 160 years when its founders first imported English ryegrass into New Zealand to develop a seed business. 

PGG Wrightson Seeds' objective is to enhance the profitability of farmers and growers by providing them with proprietary grass, forage, cereal and maize seed that provide high quality feed for improved animal performance and production. It has a strong emphasis on research and development, extensive experience in plant breeding and has developed management practices to ensure the best use of their cultivars on farm. This research ensures that cultivars introduced into the market will perform under temperate farming systems with the goal of increasing on-farm productivity and profitability. To achieve its goals, PGG Wrightson Seeds has developed relationships with key primary research partners AgResearch and Plant and Food Research in New Zealand, as well as numerous plant breeding organisations overseas.

PGG Wrightson Seeds is recognised as a world leader in delivering innovations to its customers. Development of novel endophytes for ryegrass and tall fescue in conjunction with AgResearch, has been  a major technological breakthrough for the pastoral industry. The AR37 endophyte has provided greater ryegrass persistency with protection from five of New Zealand's key pests. Another example of delivering innovation is the CleancropTM Brassica System which delivers herbicide tolerant forage brassica with a herbicide spray, and a management package to help farmers establish and grow high yielding and weed free brassica crops.  

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