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The Corson Maize Story

The Corson Maize business was acquired by PGG Wrightson Seeds in 2010. Under new ownership Corson Maize immediately began to build its product portfolio by utilising the global breeder relationships held by PGG Wrightson Seeds. These relationships enable Corson Maize to access a broad range of maize genetics for evaluation in the New Zealand and Australian markets. Our Product Development team understand grower needs and are always looking for improved field reliability and yield performance. Extensive multi-year trialling and evaluation programmes are used to fully assess new hybrids prior to market introduction. As part of our ongoing commitment to deliver the best range of maize hybrids, Corson Maize has continued to develop and evolve and we are very excited that we now represent the Pacific Seeds range of products in New Zealand. This significant development will ensure that Corson Maize will continue to provide New Zealand growers with ongoing access to high performing hybrids from a wide range of international genetic sources.

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