Replant Policy

Growing an excellent maize crop requires good planning and following best practice processes however, sometimes failures may occur. At Corson Maize we will share some of the cost of a failed crop. We will supply replacement Corson Maize seed at half price if within two months of planting the crop fails and needs to be replanted.

This policy allows growers who have had a crop, sourced from any maize seed company fail within two months of planting to purchase our seed at half price to resow the failed crop. This does not cover greenfeed maize products or sweetcorn and does not cover the cost of the seed treatment. Talk to your Corson Maize Sales Agronomist for further details.

Terms and Conditions of Corson Maize Seed Replant Policy:

  • The replant offer excludes greenfeed maize products and sweetcorn seed.
  • Replacement seed will be Corson Maize seed but may not be the hybrid originally planted.
  • Replacement seed is supplied on the basis that it will be planted in the same season that the crop failure occurred.
  • The replant offer excludes the cost of seed treatments.
  • The replant offer is available while seed stocks last.
  • The replant offer does not apply to seed treated by a third party.
  • Corson Maize can vary and/or withdraw this replant offer at any time.
  • Replacement is at the complete discretion of Corson Maize on an individual crop basis.
  • The affected area will need to be assessed and replant approved by a Corson Maize Representative.
  • Purchase of Corson Maize seed and supply of replacement seed is subject to standard PGG Wrightson Seeds Ltd terms of sale.

Corson Maize will provide replacement seed, including seed treatment for a failed Corson Maize crop (which has been planted in accordance with specifications and usual practices) free of charge if, within two months of planting the crop fails and needs to be replanted. The 100% replant policy applies to 2023 Early Order Campaign (EOC) only, for seed purchased 1 May 2023 - 4 August 2023, with all other terms and conditions as per the Standard Replant policy above. Replacement seeds must be planted in 2023. The only exclusion to this policy will be in the case of bird damage, for which the Standard Replant policy condition (as above) will apply if a crop has not been treated with Avipel Bird Repellent.

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