Maize Nutrition

Maize silage contains low levels of calcium, sodium and magnesium.

Supplementary mineral recommendations are not absolute for all situations, but  reflect:

1. Quantity of maize silage offered

  • Feeding maize silage as a higher proportion of the diet increases the need for mineral supplementation.

2. Levels of minerals found in other feeds (including pasture)

  • Feeding maize silage with other low mineral feeds increases  the  requirement  for  supplementation. E.g. extra sodium is more important when feeding maize  plus  other  low  sodium  feeds  e.g.  PKE  or inland  pastures. 

3. Maize silage for different stock classes

  • Lactating dairy and beef cows can need calcium, sodium  and magnesium.
  • Springer cows only need  magnesium.
  • Finishing beef cattle need sodium and sometimes calcium.

Calcium (Ca) = Limeflour (35% Ca)

Sodium (Na) = Salt (39% Na) or sodium bicarbonate (27% Na)

Magnesium (Mg) = As magnesium oxide (52% Mg), chloride (12% Mg) or sulphate (10% Mg)

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