Seed Treatment

The application of seed treatment to maize seed is an important step in helping ensure crops establish and grow to their full potential. Seed treatment has a key role to play in the first four to six weeks after planting, the period when young seedlings are most at risk from external threats such as insect and disease pressure.

All hybrids in the Corson Maize portfolio can be treated with industry leading plant protection agents including Poncho® Votivo and Vitaflo®. Both products have a registration for maize seed treatment, with proven efficacy against insect pests and diseases in New Zealand.


  • Provides highly targeted protection against economically damaging insect pests and diseases during the plant establishment period, helping maximise seedling emergence, early plant development and crop yield.
  • Minimises costly replants and lost production, protecting the maize seed investment.
  • Reduced environmental impact due to very small quantities of chemical active ingredients being applied to the seed.
  • With pesticides pre-applied, seed treatment products are recognised for their ease of use and safety profile, provided the appropriate handling procedures are adopted.


Poncho® Votivo is a seed treatment combination providing both synthetic
and biological control of target pests.

Poncho is the industry-leading seed-applied insecticide and includes the active ingredient clothiandin. Through its systemic mode of action and increased spectrum, Poncho provides a high level of protection against early crop pests for up to six weeks after sowing.

Votivo (Bacillus firmus L -1582) is a world-leading biological seed treatment, providing suppression against root feeding soil nematodes and improved plant health. Poncho Votivo protects against:

✓ Argentine Stem Weevil (adults and larvae)
✓ Black Beetle (adults)
✓ Greasy Cutworm (larvae)
✓ Soil Nematodes

Vitaflo® is a broad spectrum, dual action (systemic
and contact) fungicide which controls seed and soil borne diseases, and also acts as a plant growth stimulant. Worldwide, it is a specialised seed treatment fungicide for effective control and prevention of disease present externally and within the seeds, with an increased level of disease control.
Vitaflo is a unique fungicide and growth promotant and contains both thiram and carboxin (internationally recognised fungicides for seed protection). Thiram controls diseases borne on the outside of the seed coat and provides a protective barrier around the seed. Carboxin is a patented growth stimulant and is also recognised as one of the world’s leading seed treatment fungicides. It penetrates the seed coat to control smuts and other diseases borne in the embryo and provides systemic protection against seedling rots during seedling development.



Avipel® contains a naturally occurring organic substance which acts as a bird deterrent. When birds consume seeds treated with Avipel® they experience an unpleasant but harmless gut reaction which they associate with the location. Birds quickly learn to avoid Avipel® treated seeds and look to forage for other food sources.

Poncho® Votivo and Vitaflo® are recommended
as the standard treatment to all hybrids in the Corson Maize portfolio.
® is available on request.

Seed treatment performance

The seed treating process undertaken by Corson Maize ensures all seed treatment products are applied with a high degree of accuracy to every seed in order to maximise the plant protection benefits.

The application of an industry leading polymer(Peridiam® EV309) binds the active ingredients to the seed, ensuring they are delivered to the soil as required. The seed treatment polymer minimises any ‘dust off’, protecting the  environment and ensuring the safety of seed planting operators. The polymer has also shown superior performance in terms of flow-ability of treated maize seed through drills.

When handling treated maize seed, it is important to wear protective clothing including gloves and a mask, as well as washing hands and any exposed skin prior to meals. Treated seed should be kept out of reach of children, livestock and birds. Store treated seed in a cool, dry environment away from direct sunlight.

Poncho Votivo is a registered trademark of BASF and is registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997. Vitaflo is a registered trademark of MacDermid Agricultural Solutions Ltd., is registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997, No. P2694 and is approved pursuant to the HSNO Act 1996, Approval Code HSR000476. Avipel is a registered trademark of Arkion Life Sciences.

For untreated seed options (for organic use) contact your local Corson Maize Sales Agronomist.

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