With climate variability the new normal, farmers and growers are faced with the challenge of having to build resilience into their systems.

There are only a few management options that maize growers can use to achieve this resilience, this starts with selecting a hybrid with the right genetics.

The AriDapt™ range of hybrids from Corson Maize utilises advanced germplasm developed in the semi-arid regions of southern Europe.


The AriDapt™ maize hybrids from Corson Maize will provide growers with higher and more consistent grain and dry matter yields in a wider range of conditions compared with other conventional hybrids. 

PAC 119, PAC 249, PAC 314 and PAC 430 are the four Corson Maize hybrids that have the AriDapt™ technology available this season.

All of these hybrids have demonstrated themselves to perform consistently well in some of the best and worst conditions in their respective North Island regions.

Build resilience into your system by growing AriDapt™ maize hybrids from Corson Maize.

How Does Aridapt Work?

The AriDapt™ range of hybrids in the Corson Maize portfolio are the same hybrids that have proven themselves superior to other hybrids in the hot, dry, unirrigated fields of southern Europe, whilst remaining extremely competitive in higher rainfall areas and irrigated fields.

Developed during the early-mid 2000’s following an amalgamation of two of the world’s leading maize breeding companies Dekalb and Cargills. AriDapt™ maize hybrids are produced from elite, inbred lines that have been repeatedly crossed and inbred for specific characteristics that enable their offspring to perform exceptionally well in hot, dry conditions, namely:

  • Strong deep roots with resistance to dry rot
  • Early silking and extended flowering period
  • Superior heat and drought tolerance in the form of kernel set and staygreen

Successive generations of inbred lines which have these and a number of other characteristics have produced a large number and ever-expanding portfolio of elite inbred lines that reliably produce hybrids with the following characteristics and capabilities:

  • Strong deep roots that resist rot and premature
  • plant death
  • High water-use efficiency
  • Well balanced canopies, not excessively leafy
  • Strong thick stalks and low ear placement
  • Early silking and extended flowering period
  • Optimal husk length to ensure timely silk emergence
  • Excellent green leaf-area retention (staygreen)
  • High grain harvest-index and total biomass (dry matter yield)

This elite gene profile on its own isn’t enough. Hybrids have to prove themselves statistically superior in hot, dry, arid conditions but also perform equally well in more optimal and irrigated conditions. Hybrids that have strong agronomy but do not show the required level of yield stability across environments are not branded AriDapt™.

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