PAC 500

PAC 500
  • Silage CRM 111

Harvest Date

Region 1 - Late
  • Full maturity silage hybrid developed in New Zealand by Corson Maize
  • Very large plant with high grain yield and a sound agronomic package
  • Excellent yield performance in this maturity

Hybrid Traits

Early Growth
Drought Tolerance
Whole Plant Digestibility
Total Energy
Stalk Strength
Root Strength
Rust Tolerance
Northern Leaf Blight
Grain Drydown NA

PAC 500 demonstrates good early growth, establishing into a tall, bulky plant with large ears as well as very good staygreen which contributes to a wide harvest window. PAC 500 (previously known as Z71-F1) has a high grain content and very good whole plant digestibility.

PAC 500 is suitable for warmer northern regions where early planting is possible. It is suited to both dairy platform and contract silage production, targeting high yields and quality silage. Dairy farmers can take advantage of its performance by planting early on the platform or on a run-off.

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