New Hybrid Naming System

Corson Maize sources maize hybrids from over ten international seed suppliers. As a result of our diverse global supplier base, we have adopted a wide range of maize hybrid names and identification systems. However, recent grower and retailer feedback has suggested a simplified and easier to understand approach to naming these maize hybrids.

Following on from this, we can confirm a new standardised identification system for Corson Maize hybrids. The PAC numbering system is already utilised for a number of our hybrids. The names of some existing hybrids have been updated to align under this framework. These changes are outlined in the table below to help you identify your favourite hybrids under the new naming system.

Under this system, a hybrid will be identified by the initials ‘PAC’ followed by three numbers. The first number denotes the plant maturity range for the hybrid and the following two numbers are its assigned identification. The newly introduced dairy platform specialist (DPS) maize hybrids are identified as a hundred series under the PAC naming system (i.e. PAC 100 through to PAC 500) with one available in each plant maturity range. Refer to the table above for a clear understanding of the PAC numbering system and how it relates to the industry standard comparative relative maturity (CRM).

For example, PAC 430 is a hybrid identified as pertaining to the PAC ‘4’ plant maturity category equivalent to 105-109 CRM. PAC 430 falls within this plant maturity range with a 108 CRM. The last two numbers ‘30’ refer to its identification.


       TABLE 1: CRM maturity number and the corresponding CRM range

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