We asked farmers accross New Zealand what they were looking for in a maize seed provider. 

This is Gray & Marilyn Baldwin's Story


Why did you get into farming?

Marilyn: Gray and I love farming; waking up each day and knowing that you have quite a bit to be responsible for is actually quite an honour really.

Tell us a bit about your operation.

Gray: So, we’ve got about 185 hectares of maize; all Corson Maize that we grow here. We’ve got just about every flat paddock that we can grow maize on, and so got a little bit of confidence now with the Corson hybrids that whatever the weather chucks at us, we’ll still get a crop at the end of day.

Why is maize an important part of your operation?

Gray: So maize is a fantastic plant – it grows when there’s a drought, it’s very nutritious – the cows love eating it – and it complements pasture; so growing Corson Maize has transformed an unreliable weather and food supply situation into certainty of milk and revenue out the other end of the season.

What specifically are you looking for in a maize seed provider?

Gray: When you’re dealing with suppliers you need to have the same values. Corson values innovation and research - I’m interested in new varieties, new research, new hybrids – things that will help us grow a better crop of maize here; and the Corson guys have actually got a seriously good network that I’m relying on on the farms – I know there’s some good research and good productivity and genetics behind those brands.

Can you tell us about your relationship with Corson Maize?

Marilyn: Working with Corson Maize is something we’ve done for year’s now. We’ve enjoyed doing that – each person’s probably become a personal friend to us.

What would you like to say to other farmers about working with Corson Maize?

Gray: When you work with Corsons – probably the key thing I like about it that you know is that they’re a bit enthusiastic – they may not be the biggest company in the market but they’re certainly the most enthusiastic and they’ve got a reason to want to be successful, so when you’re there with them – into it, let’s get on with it, enthusiasm and make it happen is what I’ve experienced; but I think it’s important to me that the people I’m dealing with I can trust – no-nonsense; what they say is what they mean; a handshake is your goodwill and I’ve found that the Corson’s people I deal with have offered that – and so we’ve stuck with it, and we’re certainly happy with the decision that we’ve made.

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