PAC 314

PAC 314
  • Silage CRM 101
  • Grain CRM 101

Harvest Date

Region 1 - Mid
Region 2 - Mid
Region 3 - Late
  • Mid season dual purpose hybrid for all North Island regions
  • Medium-tall, well-structured plant with plenty of eye-appeal
  • AriDapt™ drought ready technology ensures reliable results across environments and seasons

Hybrid Traits

Early Growth
Drought Tolerance
Whole Plant Digestibility
Total Energy
Stalk Strength
Root Strength
Rust Tolerance
Northern Leaf Blight
Grain Drydown

PAC 314 is an attractive, medium-tall plant with good early growth and excellent drought tolerance and adaptability. The broad semi-erect leaves and nice thick stalks of PAC 314 provide good bulk for silage. Dent-type grain quality is very good and will be readily accepted by grain buyers and feed mills. Excellent grain and silage results to date put this hybrid at or near the head of the pack, regardless of maturity, soil type or location.

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