PAC 344

PAC 344
  • Silage CRM 102
  • Grain CRM 102

Harvest Date

Region 1 - Mid
Region 2 - Late
Region 3 - Very Late

• Mid-full season dual purpose hybrid for central and upper North Island regions
• Unique, medium height, compact plant with thick stalks and very broad leaves
• Excellent stalks, ear-rot and Northern Leaf Blight profiles

Hybrid Traits

Early Growth
Drought Tolerance
Whole Plant Digestibility
Total Energy
Stalk Strength
Root Strength
Rust Tolerance
Northern Leaf Blight
Grain Drydown

PAC 344 is an exceptionally fast and strong starting hybrid and maintains this advantage throughout the season with excellent staygreen and Northern Leaf Blight resistance and very good rust tolerance and finishing ability.

PAC 344 shows excellent early growth, uniformity, vegetative growth and plant integrity. Drought tolerance is very good but can be improved by lowering plant population density. Grain quality is very good.

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