The Maize Book is your go-to-guide for selecting Corson Maize hybrids. 

This year’s edition contains a range of hybrids including some impressive new releases along with hybrids already well known to the market in addition to a refreshed hybrid selection guide. Many years of testing and trialling have gone into the development of the hybrids presented to you in this book and the team at Corson Maize are very excited about the line-up we have for you this season. We are pleased to announce the commercial release of three exciting new dual-purpose hybrids this season which we know will be well received by you. We continue to focus on hybrids that will perform in the most trying conditions and our new releases are no exception in meeting that benchmark. We expect our new hybrids to perform well when faced with environmental, pest and disease challenges, providing many of you with excellent options for your farm and conditions. 

Use the online reader below for easy access to The Maize Book 2024. In addition to this online reader, you can access our handy online Maize Seed Selector or download The Maize Book 2024 to your device for offline use by clicking the relevant buttons at the bottom of this page.




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